Monthly Archives: November 2014

We have been doing lots of science experiments at Pre-school over the last couple of weeks, including floating and sinking, mixing cornflour and water and adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda to see what happens. We also did some outside cooking (and eating) in the garden and woodland, making chocolate bananas, vegetable soup and […]

Another exciting week…

Today we cooked sausages over a real fire in the woodland, then toasted some marshmallows! We had to be extra careful around the fire, but we were all very sensible and listened to the grown-ups. We very much enjoyed our snack and watching it cook.

Woodland cooking

This week we have been doing lots of baking and cooking from stories, we made a ‘Gruffalo Crumble’, baked gingerbread men (thankfully they didn’t run away before we could eat them), making a fruit smoothie and even made beans on toast for snack time. As well as all this we made […]

This week at Pre-school

Our first week back at Pre-school after half term was full of lots of exciting activities including, carving a pumpkin, making pumpkin pictures, building pretend fires in the woodland and creating glittery firework paintings for 5th November! We’ve also been trying to get outside as much as possible in our wet weather […]

First week back…