Monthly Archives: January 2017

This week we have been very busy talking about transport of the sea; both above and below water level! We have been creating boat and submarine pictures, making our own Red Funnel ferries and even make an actual moving boat using a plastic bottle and some bicarbonate of soda! As well as all this […]

This week at Pre-school

This week we have been talking about transport in the air, from aeroplanes to rockets! We have made them, painted them and played with them. As well as this we have been enjoying board games, cooking, mark-making with chunky pens and much, much more!

This week at Pre-school

So a new term has begun with a very good start, we have been out and about on a walk up to Big School’s field, as well as enjoying painting activities, building and construction, small world play and much more! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy […]

Happy New Year and Welcome back