Half term fun! :)

We had the best time over the half term doing lots of fun activities that kept us very busy. We really enjoyed celebrating Halloween all week doing things like pumpkin carving, face painting, playing with slime and lots of craft leading up to our spooky party at the end of week with even more Halloween fun. We also enjoyed lots of other things like writing fairy letters, going for walks, dancing with lots and lots more. We can’t wait until next half term πŸ™‚

We love slime πŸ™‚
Fairy dress up πŸ™‚
Making Halloween decorations πŸ™‚
We wrote letters for the fairies πŸ™‚
Halloween craft πŸ™‚
Face paint fun πŸ™‚
Face paint fun πŸ™‚
Face paint fun πŸ™‚
Face paint fun πŸ™‚
Pumpkin carving πŸ™‚
Making a spooky witch πŸ™‚
Slime Halloween edition πŸ™‚
Making spooky cakes πŸ™‚
Potion making πŸ™‚
Stirring the witches brew πŸ™‚
The witch with her apprentice πŸ™‚
Pumpkin craft πŸ™‚
Spooky balloon games πŸ™‚
Spooky party food πŸ™‚
Pumpkin pizza πŸ™‚
Frankenstein πŸ™‚
Enjoying the party πŸ™‚
Room on the broom πŸ™‚
Acting out Room on the broom πŸ™‚