Sports Day 2016

Sports Day 2016 was another huge success, thanks to the Pre-school team, children and parents for their participation and enthusiasm. We have a variety of wonderful pictures taken by some of our parents for you to have a look through. Thank you again to everyone who was there and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!P1160054 P1160071 P1160079 P1160085 P1160089 P1160097 P1160116 P1160144 P1160161 P1160186 P1160215 P1160243 P1160230 P1160256 P1160277 P1160291 P1160302 P1160317 P1160361 P1160388 P1160414 P1160478 SD2 SD3 SD4 SD10 SD14 SD21 sports 1 16 sports 4 16 sports 6 16sports 2 16 sports 7 16 sports 10 16 sports day 2 Sports day 10 Sports day 13 sports day