Monthly Archives: June 2015

This week we took a small trip up to the big playground with some trikes and scooters for some races and riding challenges. We have done some measuring with water, biscuit ingredients and rice. We also had lots of fun washing the windows with some big yellow sponges and soapy […]

This week at Pre-school

Beautiful weather, enthusiastic parents and fabulous children, our Ascot themed Sports Day went brilliantly! Thank you to all the children that took part and did so well in their races and thank you also to the parents who were able to join us. They too did very well in the parent’s race (if we don’t count […]

Sports Day 2015

This week we have done lots of sports day practice, meaning lovely walks up to the field in the beautiful sunshine. We made some amazing artwork using paint and the trikes and scuttle bugs, it was loads of fun making patterns with our wheels and also had lots of fun washing […]

This week at Pre-school…

This week we have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Spending lots of time in the garden, cooling off in the woodland and taking trips up to the field to practice for sports day (Thurs 18th June at 10am). We have done lots of cooking and baking this week; measuring out […]

This week at Pre-school

This week we have had loads of fun in the sunshine, playing with water, in the big sand pit and exploring the woodland. We have a new addition to the woodland in the form of our very own mud kitchen, which was kindly made for us by Jane’s dad. So […]

This week at Pre-school