Your Daily Challenge 2021

Have a go at the Daily Challenge!
We will be adding fun activities, ideas and recipes to this page to try and provide some inspiration for you and your little ones.

Make sure to take pictures and share them with us on your child’s tapestry account.

Challenge One- Polar Bear Painting

Brrr as it is so cold we thought we would do a painting to reflect an animal that enjoys being in the freezing temperatures.

Put a blob of white paint on a piece of paper. With a plastic fork get the children to swipe out from the blob making splash marks. When they feel they have done enough marks, get them to cut out a nose, ears and eyes from black paper and stick them on. The results are amazing.

If you have no paint you can do this with chalk and your finger. If you have no black paper then use ink, crayons, pencil for the face markings.

Show us your results on Tapestry, we are looking forward to seeing them.

Good luck and have fun. We will be back tomorrow with a new challenge.

*CBBC are running daily lessons including pre-school which may have some ideas for you to*

Challenge Two- Scavenger Hunt

As it’s so wet outside we cannot go out in the garden or may not even get to go for a walk, so we have chosen an indoor scavenger hunt for you to do. Mark off as many as you can from the list below and send them to us via Tapestry.

Challenge Three- Yoga Bingo

A little bit of PE today. This game can be played anyway you wish.  

You can use a dice and roll it onto the board and do the pose on which the dice has landed. See if the children can hold the pose for approx 10 seconds.

If you cannot print the board off, then an adult can call random poses out for the children to do.

You could cut the poses out and use them like a card game. So whichever cards the child/children get they have to do those poses.

Play it how you wish to play and enjoy it. Once again show us your yoga moves on Tapestry.

Challenge Four- Bird Watching

We are starting to look at birds and wildlife in our woodland at pre-school. Today we thought you could do your own bird check in and around your home. Attached is a Bird Finder guide for the children to look at then go and see if they can see one in the garden, out of the window, on a walk etc. Learn the names of the birds, What colours do they have? What are they eating? Are they big or small? Are they male or female (boy or girl)? Lots of open ended questions.

Good Luck and all the pictures we have received on Tapestry so far have been amazing. Well done to you all.

Challenge Five- Funny Healthy Snacks

To help with our health and wellbeing, we thought we would share with you a few ideas we are going to do with the children to make a fun snack time.

See if your child can make some funny snacks with the food you have at home and show us on Tapestry. This is a great way to possibly get them to eat fruit that they don’t normally want. 

They could always cut out pictures of fruit and make faces on them or join them up in the same way if you do not want to use actual fruit. Make it a fun activity whilst talking about healthy eating.  Enjoy!

Challenge Six- Question, Answer, Draw!

Today we thought we would have a thinking challenge that also requires listening and writing skills. Ask your child each question and see if they can write (with help) the answer and draw a picture of the answer. Obviously not all children will be able to do the writing part, however some will be able to try. Use a highlighter pen to write a word if your child wants to try and they write over the top of the highlighter (do not use dots). Mark making is a massive start to their writing skills

Let their imagination run wild with their drawings. 

Good Luck and have a fun day.

Parents to ask the questions-     

What is the name of Peppa Pig’s Brother? 

Finish the title of this book ‘Room on a …..?’

What is the first letter of your name?

Can you write your full name?

What town on the Isle of Wight do you live in?

Who is your best friend at Pre-school?

Can you name your teachers at pre-school?

What is your favourite colour?

How many sides does a Triangle have?

If you have 5 sweets and you give 1 away, how many do you have left?

Challenge Seven- Thinking about snails

As snails like to come out in wet weather, we thought it would be very apt to look at them today.  Lets make some snails out of paper ( see attached).

Make a family of snails and give them all names. Put them in order of size. Find out where snails live and what they eat. Can you find any real snails? Do they have legs? What do they use their antennae for? What type of environment do they like? 

Can you slither like a snail? 
Have fun!

Challenge Eight- Binoculars 

Carrying on from our bird watching sheet a couple of challenges ago, we thought the children would like to make their own binoculars. If you do not have any tubes then roll paper into a tube and use in the same way. You can use string, wool or cellotape to bind the tubes together.

Let the children decorate their binoculars. If you have coloured cellophane put them on the ends to create a wonderful coloured world. Let them out in the garden and become the young explorers they are so good at being.

Challenge Nine- Paper plate fun

Look at the different pictures of the paper plate activities and see which one your child/ren would like to do. If you do not have any paper plates, let the children cut a circle out of paper or card. What designs can you do? If you have no resources indoors, collect leaves, sticks etc from outside. We look forward to seeing what you can create! 

Challenge Ten- Making an abacus

To cover an area of our mathematics, today we will try and make an abacus out of anything you may be able to find around the house. 

On a piece of paper or card you can draw a picture first. You could use felt if you have any or material. Then punch some small holes into the paper, card, felt, material to make lines of string, cotton, ribbon ect (look at pic). Find items that could be threaded on such as HONEY HOOPS, BEADS (if safe to do so), curtain rings, washers anything with a hole really that is safe for your child to use. Let your child thread the items onto the string. This is a very important part of the child’s learning for Hand/Eye co-0rdination and concentration. 

Get your child to put all the counters to one end then start counting each counter across. See if they can count backwards by moving them back. How many counters do they have? Are they different colours? How many colours of each counter do they have? How many can they count up to?

If you are unable to make an Abacus, it is easily done with objects laid out on the floor, and getting the children to move each item over counting each individual item as they go.

Challenge Eleven- Funny faces 

As we all need a little cheering up what better way to put a smile on our faces than a funny mask.

These can be made from paper, card (even cereal box card is good) and possibly a lolly stick or straw for the handle.

Get the children to draw their own funny face on the paper or card and cut around it in a mouth shape. Glue or cellotape to the stick and hey presto.  They could make a few different kinds of faces. Talk to them about the expressions. Are they feeling happy? Are they feeling sad? Are they surprised? etc etc. This is a good way of getting them to express their feelings and emotions.

Challenge Twelve- Let’s make a pizza!

Use the template below if you can print it out and colour all the pizza toppings in. See if the children can count how many sections on the pizza. Count out the amount of toppings they put into each section. Talk about the toppings i.e what are they called?. Can they cut the pizza in half, how many pieces is that? Can they cut into quarters, how many pieces is that?.  You could make a real pizza and count the pieces out.

The children like to do this is the role play area with our pretend pizza. 

Challenge Thirteen- Fireworks in a jar

I have noticed a few of the children doing the science activities given to siblings from the school. Therefore we thought we would share an idea with you today on the type of science activities we get up to in pre-school. Attached are pictures of the fireworks in a jar. All you need is Water, Cooking Oil and food colouring. The children always get very excited to see the results. Talk about the reaction happening, the colours that are being produced,etc.

Challenge Fourteen- Lacing and threading 

Use card, paper plates, paper, pictures, photos anything to make your own lacing card. Punch holes all around the edge, or inside if you can and let the children make their own creation threading. To thread you can use wool, cotton, string, ribbon. Wrap sticky tape around the ends of the thread to make threading easier.  This activity is really good for the children’s fine motor skills.

Make some wonderful patterns on your picture. Have a great day.

Challenge Fifteen- Home made golf course

With the weather being a little wet today, we have decided to bring the outdoors in and make a mini golf course. Can you do the same?

Make a bat and ball with newspaper rolled up with sticky tape, or use tubes for the bat. Cut out cardboard shapes and stick to the floor. Or you could use buckets, saucepans, cups to catch the balls in. How inventive can you be? Give it a try and have lots of fun going around the course. You could make tickets for Mum/Dad/Sister/Brother to have a go.

Challenge Sixteen-  Colour matching

For a little bit of maths today lets make a colour matching card.

Put colour circles on paper or card and make strips of paper in the same colours. This can be cut from different colour paper or get the children to colour the strips and spots the same. Join each end of the strips to the same colour dots. This is a bit like Twister but with paper. Great for colour recognition. See what pattern it makes at the end. If you want to be creative you could use picture matching, number matching etc.  Have fun.

Challenge Seventeen- Umbrella hanger

As we seem to have a lot of rain and no snow (boo) how about making an umbrella hanger. Cut the Umbrella shape out of card (cereal box etc) and get the children to colour it in how they would like to see it. Hang string, ribbon, wool from the base of the Umbrella and hang beads off as rain drops. You can make card raindrops if you have no beads or do not feel safe to use beads. Or they could glue pompoms on the strings. How about putting a little bit of glue down the string and sprinkling glitter.  Experiment with different things and see how it turns out.  Have fun doing it and we look forward to seeing the results.

Challenge Eighteen- Lion plate

Create a friendly lion on a plate. Use Pasta around the edge to make the mane. Colour the plate in orange/brown or yellow and stick a friendly face on. You could make other animals to join your animals and create your own zoo. 

Challenge Nineteen- Egg box animals 

Apart from hopefully being able to go out and play in snow (making snow angels would be nice, bit of optimism), today we thought that you could use egg boxes to make heads of animals (see pic). Your child could make any animal depending on colours you  have, but let them decide for themselves. Talk about the animals they choose. Where do they live? What do they eat? What is the weather like where they live? etc. Enjoy!

Challenge Twenty- Make a ball game

Using a box and tubes, cut the tubes into small pieces to make the tunnels. Number them or put shapes on etc that the children can recognise. Glue or stick them down on the inside of the box. Make a ball small enough to go through the tunnels or use a ball if you have one. 

For hand-Eye co-ordination and concentration, get your child to see if they can move the ball through all of the tubes in number order, or colour order until they get to the end (see pic).

Challenge Twenty One- Roll Painting 

To brighten our day how about doing a pretty flower picture with a kitchen roll or toilet roll. Just cut into the roll 4 times and get the children to dab them into paint and print them onto paper. Make a wonderful garden full of colourful flowers.

Challenge Twenty Two- Make a snowman 

As it will be impossible to build a real snowman let’s make one indoors instead. Using cotton wool and cardboard create your own snowman. At least this one will never melt. 

Pictures below of my grandchildren Bea and James making theirs the other day. 

Challenge Twenty Three- Valentines 

Sunday Is Valentine’s Day so we thought maybe the children would like to make a lovely heart to celebrate it.

With strips of pape or card, fold the strip on half to give a crease this is the bottom of the heart. Bring both ends together and fold down slightly into the heart. You should now have a heart shape. Seal the end together. Make lots of different colours and sizes. Good for Hand-eye co-ordination and pincer control. 

Challenge Twenty Four- Spring Flowers

We have noticed lots of spring flowers popping up. Can we either look spring flowers up on the internet, or go outside and look for spring flowers. See if you can draw what you see and make a lovely spring picture. 

Challenge Twenty Five- Daffodils

Continuing our theme of spring and flowers, lets expand on our drawings from yesterday and make a daffodil from paper, card,etc.

Using Egg boxes for the middle and card or paper to cut out petals, make a 3D picture. Using imagination or from looking at a daffodil design your own picture, or bunch of flowers. Lets bring the sunshine in.

Challenge Twenty Six- Spring Lambs

Lets look at the animals today. Nothing cuter than a little lamb. Make your own with card. Our picture is using the end of cotton buds glued onto the lamb. Makes a lovely effect. You can use cotton balls, scrunched up paper or even stickers. Anything the children can think of really. Look at pictures of lambs and talk about them. What do they eat?, what colour are they? are they soft or rough? where do they live? So many things to discuss. See if they know the name of the adult. You could may want to go on the internet to watch lambs? Up to you.

Challenge Twenty Seven- Paper plate butterfly 

Today we are going to make a butterfly. If you do not have a paper plate do not worry, you can just cut a circle from a cereal box or even paper. Fold the plate in half (or circle) and get the children to paint patterns, dots, lines, whatever you want onto one side of the plate. Fold the circle together to enable the paint to print on the opposite side. Open up and see what pattern you have come out with. Add straws, pipe cleaners etc for antannae. Make it your own. They look great hung up. Cut the edges to make a butterfly shape.

Challenge Twenty Eight- Nature scavenger hunt

To finish this round of challenges, we thought another Scavenger hunt would be good. With the sun shining and the feeling of Spring upon us, what better way to celebrate than to get out on a good hunt.

Attached is the hunt for you to either print or follow. You can add a few extra things you find them to it. Most of all have FUN and enjoy the challenge.