Your Daily Challenge 2020

Have a go at the Daily Challenge!

We will be adding fun activities, ideas and recipes to this page on a daily basis, to provide a little bit of inspiration for you and your little ones.

Take plenty of pictures and share them with us on your children’s Tapestry account.

Challenge 1

Build a tower as high as you can! Is it bigger or smaller than you? What toys/items did you use? Can you make it even bigger? Share a picture of your brilliant creation with us on Tapestry and some may feature on the website.

Challenge 2

Bug hunting! Let’s make the most of this beautiful sunshine by going into your gardens and searching for any small creatures you can find. With help lift up pots, stones, or anything small and check for bugs living under them. How many can you find? How many legs do they have? Draw some pictures of what you find and share them with us. Here are some examples of what to look for;

Challenge 3

Shadow drawing! Line up your toys, objects you find around your home or even your brother or sister and draw their shadow on a piece of paper. What shapes can you see? Why not try colouring your pictures in? Don’t forget to share your photos on Tapestry, we love seeing you having fun with these challenges. Now go and chase some shadows.

Challenge 4

Stone decorating! Find a large stone or rock and decorate it using paint, pens, glue and glitter or anything you can find around your home. Remember to take lots of pictures to share with us on Tapestry and they may even feature on the website. Have fun!

Challenge 5

Rainbow scavenger hunt! Make a chart (see template below) of all your favourite colours, then have a look around your home and garden for colours that match your chart. You can tick or make a mark next to the colours to see which ones you spotted the most at the end of your hunt. Let us know which colours you saw the most and which ones you saw the least.

Challenge 6

Origami dogs! Don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it sounds, all you need is a couple of pieces of paper to make a cute family of dogs. Colour them in, name them and remember to share your amazing pictures on Tapestry. See an example below, made by Bev.

Challenge 7

Items beginning with… Have a look around your home and garden for anything you can find beginning with the first letter of your name. How many objects can you find? Are there lots, or was it a bit more tricky? Don’t forget to let us know how you got on. See the picture below of Jane, with items she found around her home beginning with J. Good luck everyone.

Challenge 8

Floating and sinking. What items can you find that either float or sink? How many did you find? Did more things float or sink? Can you guess what will happen before you put them in the water? Were you surprised by the results? Remember to share your experiments with us on Tapestry.

Challenge 9

Musical instruments. Find as many things as you can around your house to make a musical instrument… or two! See a picture below for inspiration. Let’s get singing and dancing. Have fun.

Challenge 10

Animal blobs. With paint, crayons, pencils etc, make blobs on a piece of paper, then using your imagination turn your blobs into animals, insects, monsters or anything you like! See below an example to follow, or print it out and use as your blobs. Everyone can get involved with this challenge, have fun and don’t forget to share.

Challenge 11

Hand print Easter Bunny. Help your little ones to draw around their own or a grown up’s hand and cut it out. Then using the picture below as a guide turn your hand in to the Eater Bunny! Decorate and take plenty of pictures to share with us on Tapestry. Happy Easter everyone.

Challenge 12

Easter inspired hunt. Using things you find around your home, such as cars, Duplo, stuffed animals etc, create your own Easter hunt, taking it in turns to hide and look for the objects. Time yourselves to see who is the fastest and count up how many things you were able to find. Alternatively you can make your own Easter Eggs from card or paper to hide around your homes and gardens. Happy Easter everyone!

Challenge 13

Build a box robot! Use anything you can find around the house or in the recycling to make a robot, monster, Princess, animal etc, using your imagination the possibilities are endless. This is a great way to use up those empty Easter egg boxes, other material ideas are; straws, cereal boxes, toilet/kitchen roll tubes, shredded paper and so on. Now get creating and don’t forget to share with us on Tapestry.

Challenge 14

Rain cloud experiment

Watch the video above of Jane showing you all a very exciting experiment. See what happens when she adds the different ingredients and even have a go yourself. Don’t forget to keep sharing all your challenges with us, as well anything else from your day. We love hearing from you all.

Challenge 15

Fish tank. Make your very own fish tank using boxes, cereal boxes are ideal for this however if you do not have any spare boxes you can use washing baskets, toy boxes or build one out of lego, bricks or blocks. Next create your tank animals, anything that lives in or near the water. You can also add stones, seaweed or grass. See the picture below for inspiration.

Challenge 16

Pasta pictures. Using paint, food colouring or felt tip pens, decorate your pasta however you wish before gluing it to some card or paper to create your very own 3D pictures. We have some examples for you below but use your imagination to make any picture you like.

Challenge 17

Pizza Party. Make your very own pizza; using paper, card, pencils or pens colour in your pizza and toppings, stick them together then gather you toys, teddies and anyone else who wants to join in and have a pizza party. Find the template below along with some pictures for inspiration.

Challenge 18

Magic wands. Using materials from around your home for example, straws, paper, sticks etc, make your own magic wand. Decorate it any way you wish and start casting those spells. Let’s create some magic, and as always don’t forget to share your pictures with us.

Challenge 19

Weaving. Draw and cut out any shape you wish, a fish for example is a nice and simple one. Then using any material you wish, such as paper, wool, cotton, ribbon, grass etc, thread your shape; making a beautiful pattern. See the image below as an example.

Challenge 20

Dinosaur heads. Using egg boxes and cupcake cases, or any other material you have around your home, make yourself these cute little dinosaur heads. Colour them in, decorate them, give them funny eyes, get as creative as you wish. See the picture below for inspiration.

Challenge 21

Rocket backpack. Using spare recycling such as cereal boxes, milk bottle tops, silver foil, ribbon, string and so on make yourself your very own rocket pack. Get as creative as you wish and see where your pack will take you. Let us know about your adventures on Tapestry and we’ll share them on the website.

Challenge 22

Cardboard tube painting. Get as creative as you wish by making beautiful patterns using the inner tube of a toilet or kitchen roll. Simply cut the ends of the tube and open out for a flower or firework shape, or leave whole to make circles, let your imagination run wild.

Challenge 23

Toilet roll superheroes. Using the inside of an empty toilet or kitchen roll, (if you haven’t already used them in yesterday’s challenge) decorate them with paint, pens, pencils, chalk or paper to make them look like superheroes. Or of course anything you wish. Let’s get creative on this rainy day.

Challenge 24

Paper plate bees. Using paper plates, or large circles cut out of paper or card, decorate them with black and yellow to makes yourself a buzzy bee. You can use paint, pens, pencils or chalk but try your best to make stripes for your bee. Maybe if we hang them in our windows they might encourage the sun to come back.

Challenge 25

Birthday wishes for Captain Tom Moore. Using whatever you wish, create a card, picture or message for Captain Tom Moore on his 100th birthday. Share them on Tapestry and I will get them up on the website as soon as possible.

Challenge 26

Make your own caterpillars. Using any materials you have around the house such as, egg boxes, clay, play dough (see recipe in Sensory play), Lego, Duplo or paper, make your very own caterpillar. Who remembers what a caterpillar turns into? Has anyone got The Very Hungry Caterpillar at home? Why not read it with your caterpillar?

Challenge 27

Paper birds or Duplo hoopla. You have a choice of two challenges today. Using paper or paper plates decorate your birds using as many different colours as you can. Hang them up when they’re dry and watch them fly through the air.
Or have a go at Duplo hoopla, build a tower as high as you can, or a make a few, some tall and some small and challenge yourself to toss rings over them. Whichever you choose, have a lovely day.

Challenge 28

Bird feeders. Spring is definitely upon us, the trees are greener, the days are warmer and the birds have come out in full force. So we thought why not do a little something for our wildlife? Using something you can thread with such as string, wire, straws, pipe cleaners or sticks we can make hanging bird feeders for the garden. The birds love having a nibble and it’s great fun to watch them flutter across for a bite. The best food to use include, cereal, blueberries, strawberries and apple, but anything you have in your kitchen that you think they’ll like will work too.

Challenge 29

Pictures for the residents of Old Charlton House care home and The Moorings Retirement home. As you may be aware, residents of such care homes are not allowed visitors at the moment for their own safety, so what better way to brighten their day than to send some of your beautiful pictures. Draw, paint or colour anything you think will put a smile of someone’s face and send them to us via Tapestry, email or post them in the box that will be outside Pre-school this Thursday and Friday. We will collect them all together and deliver them safely to both care homes. Let’s see if we can spread a little joy at this time.

Challenge 30

Making a sunshine. As it seems we have a bit more of that lovely sun over the next couple of days, we thought you could make your very own sunshine for indoors. These can be made out of any material you have at home. If you haven’t gotten around to making your picture for challenge 29 yet, why not make your sun for the residents of Old Charlton and The Moorings? Have fun getting creative.

Challenge 31

Building tunnels. Using paper, card or any kind of building materials, make some different size tunnels. Then challenge yourself to roll different objects through such as balls or cars, take turns to see how many you can get through. Think about the different sizes, are the tunnels big enough for your toys? Remember to take some photos and post them on Tapestry.

Challenge 32

Adults, on a piece of paper draw a line of different coloured dots along one edge, on the other edge draw the same amount of dots in a different order. Then ask your child to match the same coloured dots together. This is great for colour recognition, pencil control, coordination and gives opportunities to talk about colours in their environment and what happens when we mix colours. You could also use numbers or shapes, turning it in to a great maths game.

Challenge 33

Fingerbob mice. Using card or paper make a small cone shape, then add a tail, ears, whiskers, nose and eyes. You can decorate them however you like or even make a little mouse family.

Challenge 34

Leaf animals. Collect as many leaves as you can find, look for different colours, shapes and sizes. Once you have got enough think about what animals you can make from them, a rabbit? Bird? Fish? The possibilities are endless. Remember to send us a photo of your finished animals.

Challenge 34

Stone painting. Find as many stones or large pebbles as you can, give them a little clean if needed then decorate them as much as you like. Paint is best for this, however crayons, felt tip pens or chalk will also work. Get as creative as you can and share your beautiful stones with us on Tapestry.

Challenge 35

Den/story cave building. This can be done inside it out using just a couple of chairs an old sheet and some blankets, build yourself a little den or cave. Collect up some toys or teddies and some of your favourite story books and spend some time listening to stories, looking at the pictures or even acting out the best bits!

Challenge 36

Potions. Using ingredients you can find around your home, garden or daily walk make your very own magic potion, things that work well include; flour, oil, water, mud, stones, leaves, oats, dried pasta… really the list is endless. See what you can create, give it a name, what does your potion do, does it smell good or a bit stinky? Have fun being a wizard it witch for the day.

Challenge 37

3D dinosaurs. Using the templates below, ask an adult to help you cut out your dinosaur from card or paper, decorate them then slot them together so they can stand up. You can even create a scene for them to stomp around in.

Challenge 38

Scavenger hunt. Whilst enjoying this beautiful sunshine let’s challenge ourselves to a scavenger hunt. Using the templates below try your best to find as many things on the lists as you can. Have fun and don’t forget your sun cream!

Challenge 39

Hand print animals. What animals can you makes from your hand prints? With help from an adult draw around your hands and cut them out. Then see what kind of animal you can make from them, make ears, noses or tails and glue them together. Think about your favourite animal, do you know where they live? Are they underwater creatures or do they live on land? Have a go.

Challenge 40

Nature tree. Make a tree trunk and branches using your forearm and hand. You can either cut the outline out or print it with paint. Then collect up leaves, petals, sticks, twigs etc to decorate your tree with. Remember to share your trees with us on Tapestry.

Challenge 41

Leaf people. Following on from yesterday’s challenge we thought you could use any left over bits and bobs you collected to make leaf people. These are very cute, they can be big or little. Maybe you want to make a mummy and daddy leaves. Or if you’re missing those precious grandparents you could make leaf people of them? Have with it and show us your creations.

Challenge 42

Potato printing. With an adults help cut your potatoes in half then carve the shapes you would like to print onto them. Dip them in some paint and use them as a stamp to make a picture. What shapes have you made? Can you create something from your shapes like a house or a car?

Challenge 43

Superheroes. Be a superhero for the day, think about what your power would be? Can you fly, become invisible or move things with your mind? Make a mask and a cape, you could even make your special superhero badge. What colours are you going to use? Have a bit of fun with it and let us know how you get on.

Challenge 43

Sock puppets. Got any odd socks lying around? We all wonder where that other sock gets to don’t we! Why not make sock puppets from your odd socks. Use materials you can find around your home to give them eyes, nose or even ears. Try to make up a little story for your puppets to act out, give them names and maybe build them a little house. Let us know how you get on.

Challenge 44

Cardboard spiders. Using old toilet/kitchen roll tubes make a spider or two. Think about how many legs you’ll need to cut out, then add some eyes. You can decorate your spiders however you like. See if you can find some webs too, but be very careful not to break them.

Challenge 45

Mini beast hunting. Have a good look around your garden and see if you can spot some mini beasts enjoying the sunshine. Can you find;

• a worm after a spring shower
• a bumblebee looking for nectar
• a spotty ladybird exploring the grass
• a slimy snail in a dark damp spot
• a butterfly basking in the sunshine?

Can you count all the creepy crawly’s legs or the spots on the ladybirds? Can you name all the colours you see? Do the bugs like the dry and sunny areas, or the dark and damp areas better? Why do you think the bumblebees like the flowers? Let’s see what we can learn from our very own back gardens, remember to be gentle and put all the creatures back where you found them.

Challenge 46

Shape matching. First have a look around your garden or outside on your daily walk and find some stone that are all different shapes and sizes. Then on a piece of paper draw around your stone, ask a grown up for some help if this is a little bit tricky, then mix up your stone and match them to the empty shapes you’ve drawn. Talk about the odd shapes you’ve found. What do they feel like, are the rough or smooth? What colours are they? What else can you find to draw around?

Challenge 47

Stone painting for Pre-school. We would love for you to decorate some stones for us, anyway you like so we can display them along the pathway into the garden. We thought this would be a lovely way to brighten up the entrance and make everyone smile. You can drop off your stones anytime next week in the bag we will provide at the top of the steps outside Pre-school. We look forward to seeing your creations and displaying them proudly for all our families and visitors to admire.

Challenge 48

Binoculars. Using the cardboard from inside a toilet or kitchen roll, make your own binoculars. If you have not got these, you can roll up card or paper and stick them together. Decorate them however you wish and see if you can spot some wildlife with them.

Challenge 49

Homemade picture frames. Ask a grown up to help you cut a rectangle out of a piece of paper. Then decorate it using pencils, felt tips, paint, glue or stickers. Once it is dry you can use it to frame another piece of art work you have made.

Challenge 50

Finger print counting. Following the examples below, make a caterpillar, ladybird flower etc using your finger prints. Count how many dots you need to match the number and paint them on. Can you recognise all the numbers, even if they are out of order?

Challenge 51

Feelings monster. Using a paper plate or a piece of paper cut into a circle make a monsters face. Think about how your monster is feeling? Happy? Sad? Cross? How do you know your monster is feeling like this? What do you think makes your monster feel like this? If your monster is unhappy, what do you think you could do to make it feel better? A great activity for talking about emotions and how we can deal with them.

Challenge 52

Magic wax pictures. Using a wax crayon or candle, draw a picture on a piece of paper. Then water down some paint, cover your picture and watch it slowly emerge, just like magic!

Challenge 53

Apple printing. Slice an apple in half and use your halves to print pictures on some paper with paint, you can make patterns or animals with different colours. If you do not have any spare apples, you could use a potato, cutting different shapes if you wish.

Challenge 54

Kites. We’ve had quite a few windy days out there at the moment, so why not makes some lovely kites to fly? Ask a grown up to help you draw and cut out a diamond shape, then decorate it however you like. Use stickers, paint, pencils or even chalk. You can stick some lolly sticks or straws to the middle of your kite for extra strength. Then attach a piece of string to the bottom and you have your very own kite. “Let’s go fly a kite…”